Songs to smoke to: Sunday Sesh vol. 7 is out now!

We’ve got another week of chill songs to smoke to! This is the best smoking music Soundcloud has to offer. There’s some rare Jacob Banks. Jordan Rakei and Kweku Collins also make appearances again. Strongly recommend you shuffle this playlist and start with “Stupid Rose” by Kweku. This week features a lot of great Soundcloud artists, too! Look out for more exclusive playlists to drop this week, featuring the RnB and chill genres.

Weed and Working Out: Cannabis Fitness is The Way of the Future

In this infographic, we’ll show you how marijuana and working out go hand in hand.

Marijuana and Metabolism

A 2016 study found that marijuana users were less likely to be obese.

Medical Marijuana Replaces Pain Killers Perfectly

Cannabis is safer than vicodin and better at relieving inflammation than ibuprofen.

Cannabis and Pre-Gym Jitters

Marijuana helps reduce gym-related anxiety and works well with repetitive tasks involved in working out.

infographic 2 Weed &Working out.png

Marijuana Legalization in California: Lessons Learned, a Cannabiz Infographic

It’s almost been one year since recreational marijuana sales began in California. From the perspective of this medical patient and consumer, it’s not going well. First, as a medical patient, I am still beholden to the full price and the full amount of recreational cannabis taxation, which you’ll see shortly is out of control. Cannabis as a medicine is privileged in California.

Cannabis and CBD Edibles Are Through The Roof

We need regulations on the regulations. Edibles can’t come in more than packs of 100 mg, dosed out into 10 mg pieces. I was taking 30 mg three times a day when the regulations hit. Now? I can’t get the dosage I need. 100 mg is the same price 300 mg used to be. The CBD:THC 1:1 edibles that were getting anxious me through the day? No way. Those were my mood stabilizer and my anti-anxiety. Now I’m moody and anxious and way too into my bongs (snaps all day! Literally. All. Day.).

And that’s just my problem? The farmers, businesses, and even the average consumer? They have their own problems. Even my aunt has her own problems. She has been trying for literally decades to get a dispensary license. It’s virtually impossible in even the most liberal cities in the bay, and legalization has just made city councils even more resistant and even more quick to enact laws banning them.

The Marijuana Black Market Is Thriving, Still

This infographic will show that the black market is only strengthened by California’s so-far-failed attempt at legalization. One of the driving forces behind legalization is to end the black market, as was the case with the repeal of alcohol prohibition. The black market is the only logical place to go in California. Check out this graphic to see why, all info from The New York Times.

Legalization in California.png

Product Review: Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Tank


Hemp Bombs CBD never fails to impress us. With CBD syrups, CBD oils, CBD e-liquid, CBD gummies, and more, Hemp Bombs is truly the only brand you need. And we have it all.

I’ll keep it brief: This vape tank was superior to any brand CBD vape tank I’ve gotten from a dispensary. It does everything CBD is supposed to do. I can’t say the same for any other brand I’ve tried. I use CBD for anxiety and much more. The medical benefits of CBD are all immediately apparent when you hit this tank. It is a good CBD vape oil for pain, especially.

I have more than anxiety, and without giving too much away, let’s just say this CBD cartridge is good at mental health relief. CBD is known to have all sorts of properties, as varied as anti-inflammatory to actually working as an anti-psychotic. The anti-psychotic properties require a high dose to be truly felt, generally speaking. They are immediately experienced after just a couple extra puffs of this cartridge. The fog lifts slowly and you can think clearly and calmly again.

Like many smokers, I get sore throats. And like many smokers, I smoke through them. The Hemp Bombs CBD vape cartridge can even help with a mildly sore throat as you smoke it. This CBD cartridge is a healthier alternative to ibuprofen and aspirin. It won’t mess up your stomach like the over-the-counter treatments might. In fact, it may even help your stomach.

The Hemp Bombs CBD vape tank comes with 125 mg of CBD, the cartridge is high quality, and the taste is (literally) sweet. Contact us however you like to purchase for $20 plus shipping. Or, get a monthly subscription box of this and other CBD products that you create. We’re creating custom plans now.

Product Review: Buzz Beaker Bottom Water Pipe


Those of us who like beaker bottoms love beaker bottoms. So finding the right one is important, especially with how many there are out there, both name-brand and hand-blown. I’ve had a Biohazard, a Roor, and a few hand-blown pieces of absolute art that ranged from perfect to pathetic when it came to actually smoking, so believe me when I tell you that this piece from Buzz (stylized Buzs with a backwards Z usually) is closer to perfect.

The most striking thing is how thick and heavy the glass is. It’ll actually take a bit of upper arm strength to lift, so mmj pain relief patients and elder patients may want to think twice before purchasing, depending on your ailments. But the thickness and heaviness speaks to durability and quality. This and the way it is shaped make it pretty easy to keep clean with salt and isopropyl alcohol, even for those of us who may not be religious about it.

These Buzzes come about 12 inches tall, and are clear with a colored bottom and lip. Personally, I prefer my glass clear because I smoke quite a bit daily (and I add tobacco, between you and me) and I like to know how dirty it is. But a little bit of color is a nice touch, if you’re into aesthetics. The downstem even seamlessly blends into the piece, adding to the subtle artistry. This Buzz comes with a 14mm high-quality bowl and 10mm thick glass, weighing in at over 2 pounds.

The smoking experience is smooth as can be. I’d rate it 10/10, as good as a Roor. I credit it to the unique semi-rounded design and the overall height and width, as well as the quality of the glass. Best of all? These come in at well under $100. 

DM us on Instagram to purchase your very own, prices starting at $75! And follow us for Instagram specials on glass, cigars, CBD, and more! 

Update: Smoker's Gift Shop is Going Online

Smoker's Gift Shop has been in business in the bay area for nearly 20 years. Now, with three shops in the east bay and Tracy, Smoker's Gift Shop is ready to bring it's entire inventory online for purchase. 

Before I began working with Smoker's Gift Shop, I was a loyal customer. It was the only place in my town where I could get high quality glass at a more than reasonable price. And not just glass: I wouldn't get a grinder, a pipe, or a hookah anywhere else. It is also my first stop for CBD products, from edibles to tablets to vape juice. All of this, along with kratom and other like supplements, we are now shipping across the country! 

To sweeten the deal, Smoker's Gift Shop offers price-matching. If you show us a competitor's price, we will either match it or beat it!

To purchase, send a DM on Instagram (@mysmokersgiftshop), head to the contact page, or buy right from the shop on this website! 

Graphic: How To Use CBD and THC Together

THC may be going recreational, but we haven't forgotten that it is, very importantly, medicinal. As cannabis is making it's way to the mainstream, another component of the cannabis plant, CBD (cannabidiol), is gaining fame for it's medicinal uses as well. 

The idea that THC and CBD can work together is also pretty new. Described as "Whole Plant Medicine", the concept is that using the entire plant can double or triple the benefits. In this graphic, we'll explore the unique medicinal properties of CBD and THC, and how different ratios can lead to different mental health, and even physical health, benefits. We'll also talk about which methods of consumption may be right for you. 

smokers infographic 1 draft 2.png