Product Review: Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Tank


Hemp Bombs CBD never fails to impress us. With CBD syrups, CBD oils, CBD e-liquid, CBD gummies, and more, Hemp Bombs is truly the only brand you need. And we have it all.

I’ll keep it brief: This vape tank was superior to any brand CBD vape tank I’ve gotten from a dispensary. It does everything CBD is supposed to do. I can’t say the same for any other brand I’ve tried. I use CBD for anxiety and much more. The medical benefits of CBD are all immediately apparent when you hit this tank. It is a good CBD vape oil for pain, especially.

I have more than anxiety, and without giving too much away, let’s just say this CBD cartridge is good at mental health relief. CBD is known to have all sorts of properties, as varied as anti-inflammatory to actually working as an anti-psychotic. The anti-psychotic properties require a high dose to be truly felt, generally speaking. They are immediately experienced after just a couple extra puffs of this cartridge. The fog lifts slowly and you can think clearly and calmly again.

Like many smokers, I get sore throats. And like many smokers, I smoke through them. The Hemp Bombs CBD vape cartridge can even help with a mildly sore throat as you smoke it. This CBD cartridge is a healthier alternative to ibuprofen and aspirin. It won’t mess up your stomach like the over-the-counter treatments might. In fact, it may even help your stomach.

The Hemp Bombs CBD vape tank comes with 125 mg of CBD, the cartridge is high quality, and the taste is (literally) sweet. Contact us however you like to purchase for $20 plus shipping. Or, get a monthly subscription box of this and other CBD products that you create. We’re creating custom plans now.