Update: Smoker's Gift Shop is Going Online

Smoker's Gift Shop has been in business in the bay area for nearly 20 years. Now, with three shops in the east bay and Tracy, Smoker's Gift Shop is ready to bring it's entire inventory online for purchase. 

Before I began working with Smoker's Gift Shop, I was a loyal customer. It was the only place in my town where I could get high quality glass at a more than reasonable price. And not just glass: I wouldn't get a grinder, a pipe, or a hookah anywhere else. It is also my first stop for CBD products, from edibles to tablets to vape juice. All of this, along with kratom and other like supplements, we are now shipping across the country! 

To sweeten the deal, Smoker's Gift Shop offers price-matching. If you show us a competitor's price, we will either match it or beat it!

To purchase, send a DM on Instagram (@mysmokersgiftshop), head to the contact page, or buy right from the shop on this website!