Product Review: Buzz Beaker Bottom Water Pipe


Those of us who like beaker bottoms love beaker bottoms. So finding the right one is important, especially with how many there are out there, both name-brand and hand-blown. I’ve had a Biohazard, a Roor, and a few hand-blown pieces of absolute art that ranged from perfect to pathetic when it came to actually smoking, so believe me when I tell you that this piece from Buzz (stylized Buzs with a backwards Z usually) is closer to perfect.

The most striking thing is how thick and heavy the glass is. It’ll actually take a bit of upper arm strength to lift, so mmj pain relief patients and elder patients may want to think twice before purchasing, depending on your ailments. But the thickness and heaviness speaks to durability and quality. This and the way it is shaped make it pretty easy to keep clean with salt and isopropyl alcohol, even for those of us who may not be religious about it.

These Buzzes come about 12 inches tall, and are clear with a colored bottom and lip. Personally, I prefer my glass clear because I smoke quite a bit daily (and I add tobacco, between you and me) and I like to know how dirty it is. But a little bit of color is a nice touch, if you’re into aesthetics. The downstem even seamlessly blends into the piece, adding to the subtle artistry. This Buzz comes with a 14mm high-quality bowl and 10mm thick glass, weighing in at over 2 pounds.

The smoking experience is smooth as can be. I’d rate it 10/10, as good as a Roor. I credit it to the unique semi-rounded design and the overall height and width, as well as the quality of the glass. Best of all? These come in at well under $100. 

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